Saturday, October 22, 2016

2016 Draft

The 2016 NPB Draft took place a few days ago with the Dragons taking the following players:

1)  Yuya Yanagi  P  Meiji Univ.
2)  Yota Kyoda  IF  Nihon Univ.
3)  Masami Ishigaki  IF  Sakata Minami HS
4)  Shotaro Kasahara  P  Niigata Iryo Fukushi Univ.
5)  Kento Fujishima  P  Toho  HS
6)  Taisuke  Maruyama  P  Tokai Univ.

My first impression of Chunichi's haul is a positive one.  They picked up a highly-rated pitcher with their 1st pick, who may be able help sooner rather than later.  I was happy to see them pick up some position players with their second and third round picks, they need to spend more of their resources on that part of the team.

Chunichi's fifth round pick is of specific interest to me.  Kento Fujishima hails from Toyohashi, Aichi, my wife's hometown.  He is also the same age as my nephew, who played against him in Little League.  He will be a developmental player, but I hope he can progress.  I was a little surprised he chose not to go to college, but fortunately he was drafted even if it was late.  

If you would like more info on the draft and specific prospects, Yakyudb recently did a live stream on those topics, as well as some others.  You can access it below:

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Taste of Nagoya in Seattle

Last weekend we were in Bellevue, WA (across the lake from Seattle) and noticed a ramen shop we hadn't eaten at before.  My daughter is always in the mood for ramen so it seemed like the right place to stop for lunch.  The name of the restaurant is Ramen Yoshi and happened to be owned by three Japanese guys who jointly own a ramen place in Nagoya.

I had the mazesoba with the Level 2 heat and thought it was really good.  As far as I know that style isn't served at any of the other ramen restaurants in Seattle.  It's priced about the same as other ramen places in Seattle and the amount of food is also comparable.  It's not as fancy as places like Kizuki, but that's not something my stomach worries much about.  I recommend it and hope to go back and try some of the other items sometime soon.