Friday, December 30, 2011

Some Recent Transactions

The 2012 roster is starting to take shape, no surprises at this point, except that Wei-Ying Chen has yet to sign with a MLB team.  I would expect that to happen sometime this month.  Meanwhile Chunichi management has stated that they are willing to wait on him as long as necessary.

Here are some other moves:

Blanco, Nelson and Soto will all return on 1-yr extensions.  There was an article a month or two back suggesting they all of these guys were unsure if they would return for 2012.  Definitely good news!

Well deserved pay raises for Yoshimi (120 M yen) and Asao (125 M yen)

Pay cut for Kazuhiro Wada

Takeshi Yamasaki joins the team on a one year deal.  He has mentioned in interviews that he expects to compete for the first base job.  Very unlikely that he wins that spot.

Masaaki Koike will not return as he signed with the Bay Stars.  Not a big loss, but he did have a great performance in Game 1 of last year`s Japan Series.

Got most of this info from Yakyubaka

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