Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Uniforms to be released January 30

Management announced today that the Dragons will have new uniforms for 2012 and that the new design will be released on January 30.  There have also been rumors that the new design may be based off of the throwback uniforms they wore last summer. See below:
I'm a big fan of the home uniforms they've worn for the last 8 years, especially the stripeage.  I also like the current hats, with the interlocking C and D, but I wouldn't mind seeing some new design or font for the chest lettering.  Hopefully they will stick with royal blue as there main color, they are the only NPB currently using it (BayStars are currently more black, but that may change) and it's my favorite color for a baseball uniform.
The "Great Central" throwbacks are also a great look.  The sleeve patch is perfect and the chest design is pretty good too.  Not a big fan of the hat, it is the exact same thing that Creighton University wears, the Dragons probably wore it first and I'm sure not many in Japan are aware of that school, but the design is just not very original.  I'm pretty sure the main reason for new uniforms is to make some money off of sales, so why not come up with something that is unique to Chunichi.
The current road uniforms are okay, but could be improved by bringing back the powder blue from the 70's and 80's (no red though, please).  Last year I sent this design to the Uni Watch blog, it's a great blog for those interested in uniforms and uniform history:

I like this design, with the block Chunichi, and possibly new royal blue hats for the road uniform.  For the home uniform I would use the current uniform design with the fat blue stripes and the throwback chest design in royal, then find a way to make the sleeve patch work with the blue stripes. Or the sleeve patch could be reworked into a hat logo similar to this:
It will be interesting to see what they come up with, this is a team that has always had pretty good uniforms throughout their history (except for the powder and red) so I'm not too worried.  I just hope they aren't a disaster, there is enough to worry about going into this season and new era for the Dragons.

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