Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Foreign Players' Health Concerns

A majority of Chunichi's foreign players been suffering various health related setbacks throughout Spring Camp.  The most serious injury so far has been to Maximo Nelson, who has not pitched since February 10th due to shoulder stiffness.  It apparently is not getting better and he is scheduled to have it examined when the team returns to Nagoya this week.

Tony Blanco has been suffering from tightness in his lower back that kept him out of practice for nearly a week.  He returned to practice on the 26th and has been taking things slow in order to hopefully prevent a greater injury.

Enyelbert Soto was slowed by calf tightness early in camp and has been taking thing slow down at ni-gun.  He appears to be improving and should be on track now to start the season in good health.

Victor Diaz missed a couple days of practice with a cold, but is back with the team, he played in the practice game on the 25th against the Marines and was 0-1 with a strikeout.

Jorge Sosa is the only foreign player to maintain good health throughout camp and it looks like he may get a chance to be a starter.

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