Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Dragons Logo, I Wish

I'm not a big fan of the new logo the Dragons have been using on their caps this year.
See below:
It seems generic, a little unballanced, and from a distance it just looks like a blob of color on the fronts of the caps.
So instead of just griping, which I will probably continue to do since it unlikely the logo will change any time soon,  I've come up with an alternative logo.

My logo incorporates the C & D with the chu kanji used in Chunichi.
Here's what it would look like on a cap:
It could be cleaned up a bit more, but that's about the best I can do with MS Paint.
I think it's a more Chunichi-specific look, a more balanced design and from a distance, though you wouldn't likely notice the C & D, you would clearly see the chu. 
I may have my wife send it to the team mailbox, why not?


NPB Card Guy said...

I don't dislike the new logo as much as you do, but I like the one you've come up with. I'd be curious to see if the team would adopt it - I don't think any team in Japan has used Kanji on it's hat since the war.

MoeyoCD said...

I do think the new logo could be a lot worse, it's not hokey or anything, just kind of boring and nondescript.
Chunichi does use Japanese characters on their home sleeve patch, I can't think of any other NPB teams that do that.