Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tony Blanco Named Central League MVP for the Month of May

Nice to see the big guy overcome some obstacles and put the early-season BS (Yamasaki "competition" and ni-gun demotion) behind him and show everyone what kind of damage he is still capable of.   He's definitely deserving of the above award with at .333 BA, 9 HR and 23 RBI in May.  He's now among the league leaders in HR and RBIs and with way fewer plate appearances than most his competitors.  Hopefully he can keep things rolling through the season and the Dragons will sign him to new deal.  I think he will continue to thump if he stays healthy, he's been around the NPB for several years now and knows what it takes to succeed.  Whether the Dragons re-sign him or not will be interesting,  I'm still not sure what direction the front office is going with their recent moves, but they definitely don't have a replacement of his calibre on the current roster.  With the way Blanco's been jerked around a bit by management, I wouldn't blame him if  he took an offer from another team should one be available, but as a fan I hope he'll be back.

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