Monday, November 5, 2012

Dragons and Nagoya Gear now available at Ebbets Field Flannels

Lots of good stuff put up over the last week on the Japanese Baseball Card blog, including an interesting post on uniform history and some links to new NPB items at Seattle's own Ebbets Field Flannels.  Two of the new items include a 1966 Dragons T-Shirt and a very slick 1937 Nagoya Baseball Club Flannel, which is currently the flannel of the week.  Here is a photo of a former Nagoya player wearing the 1938 version, which looks about the same, from mimflyer's Flickr collection.
EFF has now done something for each of the Central League franchises, but it looks like some of the items aren't available any more, like the cool Sankei Atoms cap they used to have.  So these Dragons items may not last forever, but custom orders for flannels and caps are available.
This summer I was able to see a whole team outfitted by EFF, the PSSBL Cascade Orioles, who were playing after our game, had EFF make them St. Louis Browns uniforms and hats.
The uniforms they had made were polyester instead of flannel, for breathablilty, but the lettering was done in felt and the hats were in the classic style, plus they had brown striped stirrups to complete the look.  I didn't want to ask how much they cost, but they did look damn good.
Here's a picture I found on the Orioles' team facebook:

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