Sunday, July 12, 2015

30-Minute Version of the 30-day NPB Challenge

It's been a while since I've posted anything, it was a very busy spring.  The season is about half over already and the Dragons are still hanging around, though currently in last place, they are only a few games out of playoff position.  It's been an interesting season so far with a lot of new faces.  I'm planning to do a recap at the All-Star break. 

In the meantime I noticed that Deanna at Marinerds, etc. has been participating in a 30-day twitter challenge that was originally posted by a Tigers fan.  It seemed like a fun idea and a good way to break my streak of not posting.  I don't use twitter so I will post my responses here.

1: The first NPB game you watched:
    On video: Game 1 of the 2006 Japan Series: Chunichi vs. Nippon Ham
    In person: Chunichi vs. Hanshin at Nagoya Dome in 2007
2. Your all-time favorite NPB player:
    Toyohashi's own Atsushi Fujii of the Dragons
3. Favorite CL team:  Dragons without a doubt
4. Favorite PL team:  Rakuten Eagles
5. The moment you became the fan of a player:
    Masa Yamamoto the first time I saw him wind up
6. Favorite pitcher
     Kenshin Kawakami
7. A batter you'd put all your bets in:
     Kazuhiro Wada, at least a few years ago
8. A fielder you enjoy watching:
     Kenta Imamiya, I enjoyed Hiro Ibata during his time with the Dragons as well, he seemed   to always do everything right.  I don't see the Hawks play often, but Imamiya has blown my mind a few times.
9. A player you think is the most difficult to play against:
     I can't imagine what it would be like to face Yu Darvish
10. Favorite battery:
     Masa Yamamoto and Motonobu Tanishige, an amazing amount of experience between those two
11. A reliever/closer who gives you shivers when he takes the mound:
     Scott Mathieson of Yomiuri, some good old country hardball, he seems to blow the Dragons away every time
12. A pitchers duel you enjoyed or think you would enjoy:
   I have to agree with Deanna on Game 5 of the 2007 Japan Series, Fighters' Darvish vs. Dragons'   Yamai/Iwase perfect game.  Hands down my favorite NPB game ever.
13. Most impressive moment in an NPB game:
   See No. 12, when Iwase finished off the perfect game and championship season all in one.
   Another favorite moment was last year when Atsushi Fujii hit a game-ending extra-inning home run in  Toyohashi.
14. Most disappointing moment in NPB game:
   Sayonara loss in game 5 of the 2012 Climax Series, Chunichi vs. Yomiuri, when it became apparent that the Dragons were not going to pull off a major upset in that series.
15. Funniest scene in an NPB game:
   At a game I was at in 2011 pitcher Soma Yamauchi hit a ball that bounced several feet in front of   the plate off the bounce into right field for an RBI hit.
16. Favorite team anthem:  Moeyo Dragons obviously
17. Favorite team logo:  BayStars before they got DeNAed
18. Favorite mascot: 
      Doala, I know there is some hate out there, but it's amazing he's ever able to land a twisting backflip with that giant head on.
19. Favorite uniform:  Rakuten's 2012 Eagle Star pinstripes, Favorite Cap: BayStars '90s-era
20. Favorite stadium or dome:
     I've only been to Nagoya Dome, Koshien and the stripped-down Nagoya Baseball Stadium.
     Koshien was special.
21. Coolest chance theme:
     Probably sacrilegious, but I'm not really that into the organized cheering, not exactly sure what this means.
22. Favorite cheering song:
     Seems like the one for Tae-Kyun Kim was catchy, from a non-expert I think the Marines ones are often good.
23. Manager you trust the most:  Hiromitsu Ochiai
24. A coach you wish was yours:  I have a good impression of Koji Akiyama
25. A young player you have expectations on:  Shuhei Takahashi
26. Favorite farm player who you hope makes it to the first team:  Chunichi has given almost everyone a try already, I hope one of the young catchers will run with the starting job
27. A player you wish was on your favorite team:  Shohei Otani, such an amazing talent
28. Favorite rivalry between two NPB players:  I don't have an answer for that one
29. A player you wish he was your friend that you'd be proud to show around:
     Shohei Otani:  Can I be his agent? Can he come play for my Mens' League Baseball team?
30. Your dream team:  I need more time to consider that one

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