Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dragons Menko & Cards

We just got a printer with a scanner a few days ago and I thought I would share some of the Japanese cards I have.  I don't have a big collection of Japanese cards, nor American cards anymore either.  I downsized my collection of MLB cards a couple years ago, but kept the ones of players who had played in Japan as well as Mariners ones and some other players I like.  The Japanese cards I have are either menko cards given to me by my in-laws or ones I've bought when I visited Japan.

These menko cards are from the 70's and look to be from a promotion by Pepsi.  At the bottom of each of the cards is the name of a soft drink. 

According to wikipedia Ron Woods has a son named Tyrone, but I don't believe that it's the same Tyrone Woods that played for Chunichi, at least I've never heard that it was.

The next two are a menko card of Tatsuhiko Kimata and a Calbee card of Takayoshi Nakao.  The menko card is probably from the 70's and the Nakao card would be from the 80's.  Kimata was Chunichi's starting catcher from 1965 to 1981.  Nakao was his successor and Chunichi's regular catcher until 1988.

And here are some more contemporary cards that I have:


NPB Card Guy said...

Nice cards. You're right on the times for the Kimata and Nakao cards. The Kimata card is from a menko set that was published sometime between 1973-75. The Nakao card is from the 1983 Calbee set.

MoeyoCD said...

Thanks, I've got a few more like the Kimata one of guys from other Central League teams. My brothers-in-law have a HUGE box of menko from that era, but there was only a handful of baseball ones.