Friday, November 29, 2013

My Proposed New Uniforms for the Fighters

Baseball's over for the year and even the Asia (Eastern Hemisphere) Series is finished.  I thoroughly enjoyed Rakuten's run and I'm very happy for Hoshino to finally taste a championship and for Tanaka and Norimoto, who left everything they had on the field. 

But now it's time to think about next year, free agency, new foreign players and new posting rules.

Something that would be nice for next year would be new uniforms for Nippon Ham.  I've never been a fan of the Fighters' asymmetrical uniforms, though their current ones are slightly better than the previous ones.  So I've sketched up something I would prefer.

One thing I like about their current home uniforms is that they have more of the blue color that they use.  I would make that blue a main color as well as bring back orange, which was once one of their main colors.  These are pretty simple, the alternate is a pullover and based on the 80's jersey with gold instead of yellow.  The pants that go with the alternate would have piping on only one side, a memorial to the asymmetrical uniform period.

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